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Dali’s Wavetrac Equipped VX220 Sets The Pace & Wins Club Pro 2WD

Dali’s VX220 is a heavily modified and focussed Time Attack weapon. With a powertrain capable of producing 600HP he needed a differential that could put transmit that power to the tarmac, he trusted Wavetrac.

Dali’s records this year include 7 event wins and multiple fastest EVER laps. All of these wins, alongside consistently being able to place his car in the top end of the podium have contributed to his Club Pro class win this year!

Dali comments “The Wavetrac diff, what I really like how is it behaves. It doesn’t feel like it is fully locked in mid-corner on the partial throttle which helps me turn in and have less understeer which is really important with my light front end. On exit it is nice, fully biasing which gave me good exit speed. With a plated diff I would have much more understeer on slow corners (second gear) so i generally like it a lot!”

The powertrain is a long list of upgrades but at the core of all of this is the Vauxhall/GM Z20LET engine which has been extensively upgraded, the highlights of which include forged internals, an EFR Twin Scroll 7064 turbo, Injector Dynamics ID 2000 injectors which is all controlled by Syvecs S8 engine management.

The most immediately noticeable upgrades has got to be the custom aero package which features wider, vented arches, large splitter and rear spoiler with more of the rear bumper being used to exhaust the hot engine bay air. Matched with the aggressive wheel setup of 17×9 at the front and 18×10.5 at the rear this VX220 is extremely aggressive. For the suspension, Dali opted for a Nitron 3-way kit with 4 and a 4 piston brake kit all around to stop the car down.

We look forward to seeing how Dali can improve next year!