NEW PRODUCT: BMW F8X M2, M2C, M3 & M4 Wavetrac ATB LSD & Exchange Axle
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NEW PRODUCT: BMW F8X M2, M2C, M3 & M4 Wavetrac ATB LSD & Exchange Axle

The factory M-Active differential is considered by some as an improvement over the Viscous LSD in the previous E46/E9X M3 models but for those who have experienced a quality aftermarket differential, they know there is a lot of performance and driveability left on the table.

Wavetrac’s LSD for the F8X M2/M3/M4 & F1X M5/M6 solves differential related reliability, driveability and performance problems. 

Common complaints from drivers ahas always been that the factory differential is unpredictable when it works and once it overheats… just feels like an open differential.

For those who are looking for a lifetime warrantied upgrade which will eliminate the erratic operation of the factory diff, replacing it with the signature smooth operation of the Wavetrac, allowing you to confidently eek out all of your cars performance… with performance that is undeniably better than all other ATB LSD designs, the Wavetrac is the perfect solution for fast-road users, track day junkies and even those who use their ///M cars for standing start racing like VMAX.

As with all other Wavetrac LSDs these are lifetime warrantied, even for pure motorsport use.

But why is the Wavetrac ATB LSD the best ATB LSD available?

Simple. All other ATB LSDs, other than the Wavetrac use the same design, which means they all have the same problem. The problem is that once axle load is lost, which is by wheel slip, suspension unloading (heavy cornering) or wheel lift they perform like an open differential. As the ///M cars come with a factory limited slip differential, moving to an old style ATB LSD would be considered to be a downgrade.

This is where the patented design of Wavetrac’s ATB LSD comes into play. The Wavetrac ATB LSD uses a patented design at the centre which can create internal load in situations whereby axle load is lost or reduce. This means it can continue to perform like an ATB LSD, allowing you to enjoy a new level of driveability and performance.

Why an exchange axle?

The BMW F82 & F83 M4 is manufactured with a friction welded ring gear and an electronically locking plate differential. This can cause some headaches for installation concerning vehicle downtime while the factory differential/ring gear is separated by precisely machining the parts away. However, for us, it is something we have been doing since BMW originally began welding the ring gears back in ’07. Wavetrac Europe has now solved this for the BMW F87 M2, M2C, F80 M3, F82 & F83 M4.

This exchange service follows on from the huge popularity of the M135i & M140i axles which allow customers and dealers to enjoy minimum downtime and install time by simply exchanging the axle which is already fitted on the car with a Wavetrac built axle.

We take all of the complicated separation of the friction welded OEM differential from the ring gear, threading for the ring gear bolts and installation into the OEM axle.

This means you can upgrade an F8X M2, M2C, M3 or M4 in a matter of hours rather than days. Simply fit, fill with oil, code out the factory E-LSD and ENJOY!

Whilst the 30.309.160WK fits all of the above models, the exchange axle will only be compatible with F8X M2, M2C, M3 and M4. If there is a demand for a F1X M5/M6 axle, we will make it.

Of course, if you’d prefer to install yourself you can simply order the 30.309.160WK + bolts from us to install yourself.

Wavetrac ATB LSD Built Axle for M2, M2C, M3 & M4


  • MSRP £1832.50ex VAT
  • Surcharge (refunded on receipt of original differential) £800ex VAT
  • Product Link

Product Includes 

  • Wavetrac ATB LSD equipped axle ready to install with the below upgrades:
    • Wavetrac ATB LSD
    • Ring Gear Bolts
    • New bearings
    • New, Genuine BMW Axle Seals
    • Backlash Setup to OE Tolerances
    • Precisely Machined Ring Gear
    • Blanking Plate for E-LSD Motor

Notes (as of 20/10/20

  • Does not require modification to OEM axles (other LSDs DO)
  • OEM Motor is no longer required. Remove before sending OEM axle to us for exchange.
  • The installer must code out the OEM E-LSD
  • Currently only for OEM axle 33108090473
    • If you do not have this axle PN, contact us for options.

New release

BMW 5 SERIES F10 / F11


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Wavetrac ATB LSD

BMW E92 M3

Wavetrac ATB LSD

BMW E92 M3

Wavetrac ATB LSD