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‘Built Axles’ are for BMW customers with a ring gear which is friction welded to the OEM differential, commonly on BMWs manufactured past 2007. To upgrade to a Wavetrac, or any other aftermarket differential this friction welded ring gear and differential assembly needs to be separated. Once separated, the ring gear can be machined and threaded for use with a Wavetrac LSD. In the past, this would result in a number of days of your vehicle being off the road waiting for the machine shop but today, Wavetrac Europe stocks a range of the most popular pre-built and Wavetrac equipped axles so you can install in a matter of hours rather than days.



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fast delivery, amazing service

fast delivery, amazing service

‘’Had a Wavetrac in my MK5 Golf, Alpina B10 and Porsche Cayman S. Just about to fit one to my BMW M3 E92 and will more than likely continue to fit one to every one of my cars. Track day performance is incredible, especially in the wet or on tight tracks. Excellent on my daily Alpina too, rain, ice and snow - it's an all weather machine despite being an automatic BMW!’’
Ryan Stewart
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BMW E92 M3

Wavetrac ATB LSD 

Porsche Cayman

Wavetrac ATB LSD 


Wavetrac ATB LSD