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Wavetrac - 30.309.160WKM234

Wavetrac ATB LSD Built Differential for BMW F87 M2

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Wavetrac Europe is now stocking Wavetrac ATB LSD equipped axles! Replace the snappy and failure-prone factory E-LSD with the most technologically advanced ATB LSD avai...
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“Got my wavetrac fitted on at the start of the week took it to Cadwell on Wednesday to test it out and the thing is insanely good. From the initial enquiry through to fitting staff where on hand to help with any questions”
Andrew Macdonald
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Product Description

Wavetrac Europe is now stocking Wavetrac ATB LSD equipped axles! Replace the snappy and failure-prone factory E-LSD with the most technologically advanced ATB LSD available on the market, with the patent-protected features its design delivers performance and longevity like no other. 

Find out why Wavetrac’s ATB LSD is unrivalled by clicking the link here. 

The F87 BMW M2 is manufactured with a friction welded ring gear and an electronically locking plate differential. This can cause some headaches for installation concerning vehicle downtime while the factory differential/ring gear is separated by precisely machining the parts away. However, for us, it is something we have been doing since BMW originally began welding the ring gears back in '07.

Wavetrac Europe has now solved this for the BMW F87 M2. 

Each pre-assembled exchange axle comes complete with the following:

  1. Wavetrac ATB LSD
  2. OE BMW Ring Gear Bolts
  3. New, Genuine BMW Axle Seals
  4. Backlash Setup to OE Tolerances
  5. Precisely Machined Ring Gear
  6. Blanking Plate for E-LSD Motor 

You will need to spec oil, for this application we advise for Motul Competiton 75w140 and you will need to code out the factory E-LSD in the electronic control unit, we can do this in-house, specialist installers can do this too. 

The exchange process is a simple 2 step process you can find below, we also offer a drive-in, drive-out service at our Southampton facility (additional cost).

  1. Pay for the product + the exchange deposit and we will send out to you a 30.309.160WKM234
  2. We will then refund the exchange deposit if a complete, usable (in good working order) axle is received within 10 working days. Axles which require maintenance/repair to be put into service or are not in working order will not be refunded. Before sending your axle to us, remove the electronic motor as we do not need this. 

*Please provide VIN & Transmission Type before purchase or at checkout so we can verify fitment. 

Shipping Information

Same-day shipping for in-stock items when ordered before 2PM. UK delivery via DPD next day and European & Rest of World deliveries are carried out by DHL. 

Returns & Guarantee

Lifetime, transferable limited warranty on Wavetrac Differentials. 14-day no quibble returns. See our warranty & returns pages for more information. 

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fast delivery, amazing service

fast delivery, amazing service

“Had a Wavetrac in my MK5 Golf, Alpina B10 and Porsche Cayman S. Just about to fit one to my BMW M3 E92 and will more than likely continue to fit one to every one of my cars. Track day performance is incredible, especially in the wet or on tight tracks. Excellent on my daily Alpina too, rain, ice and snow - it's an all weather machine despite being an automatic BMW!”
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frequently asked questions

 What oil should I use?

The oil you use is important. Not only for its lubrication but compatibility with the Wavetrac differential.

This means that if you use an oil which has additives that are for plate differentials which exist to reduce noises like clunking, chattering and smooth engagement - this will reduce the performance, reliability and invalidate the warranty of the Wavetrac.

The only aftermarket oil we know and recommend is the MOTUL oils which we list on our website and are available globally. The reason we do this is because we know they are compatible with the Wavetrac differential and you will have no issues. If you use different oils, there is a risk that they may cause issues.

If your gearbox came with an open or gear differential from the factory, in most cases you can use this oil.

If you are unsure, please contact us and we will happily guide you.

 Is this Wavetrac in-stock?

We keep 100s of Wavetrac differentials in-stock at any one time. If you urgently require a product please message the team prior to ordering to confirm stock availability.

Is this differential plug and play?

Whilst many differentials are ‘plug and play’ you will at a minimum require the factory backlash and bearing preload to be measured prior to removing the factory differential, then once the Wavetrac is installed to measure and adjust if required. This is normal practice when installing differentials and gearbox components.

As well as this on some applications further modifications are required to install the Wavetrac, if this is required then this is usually listed on the product page.

Can I install this differential myself?

Due to the complexity of gearbox or axle removal from a vehicle and then differential installation we always recommend a professional and experienced technician carry out the differential install.

This work often requires specialist tools, equipment, services, consumables and training which aren’t always freely available.

We offer an installation service at our Southampton facility whereby you can either deliver the whole vehicle, gearbox or axle only to us for the installation to be carried out, as well as having specialists in various make and models throughout Europe we can guide you to.

Do I require any other parts to install?

Typically you will require new consumables or one-time use items such as seals, bearings, bolts and other consumable items. If you are unsure of what you require, please contact us and we will provide you with these parts at an additional cost.

Do I require any specialist tools to install?

Whilst the majority of the installation can be carried out with regular tools, specialist tools are usually required to measure bearing preload, backlash and to carry out modifications when required.

Is the Wavetrac differential a plate differential?

No. It is an ‘automatic-torque-biassing’ or helical gear and pinion differential.

What are the service requirements of the Wavetrac?

There are no service requirements for the Wavetrac.

However, there are lots of parts in the gearbox other than the Wavetrac. If you are using your vehicle in situations such as motorsport (track, drag strip or off-road) we would recommend checking the oil quality over time to ensure it is providing optimal lubrication and for debris.

What percentage does the Wavetrac lock?

The Wavetrac is not a locking differential, therefore we do not provide this information.

What is the warranty on the Wavetrac differential?

The warranty is ‘lifetime transferable’, the full information of which can be found here:

For any suspected warranty or suspected problems with the Wavetrac the first step is to fill out the RMA form here and we will contact you:
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Wavetrac ATB LSD Built Differential for BMW F87 M2

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