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February 11, 2021 2 min read

Have a BMW M car? Even Wavetrac can improve on their ///M differential.

The factory BMW M unit installed in the E46 and E90/E92/E93 M3 is a plate unit which has the normal drawbacks of such a unit. These being of sudden and harsh locking of both wheels together, causing a sudden breaking of traction. On the flip side, over time the lock up can be so weak that it behaves like an open differential due to a combination of wear and the OEM’s desire to keep NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) down. Both add up to a very unstable feeling rear end.

The Wavetrac ATB LSD solves this problem. The Wavetrac ATB LSD does not lock harshly but operates smoothly and has no wear components inside. Meaning the Wavetrac will operate smoothly and consistently throughout its life.

Using our unique, patented features our Wavetrac ATB LSD outperforms all other ATBs. This is because of the significant improvement in zero to near zero axle load over other designs which don’t use our patented wave-hub centre. Using our patented wave-hub, the Wavetrac ATB LSD can create internal load (read more on that here). Perfect for road and track use.

Ryan, Regal Autosport’s E92 M3 customer was able to put the Wavetrac ATB LSD to the test in his 1 of 20 Frozen Black E92 M3 at GoodWood. He commented that “Instantly driving my M3 away from Regal I noticed an improvement. The rear end felt much more stable under moderate to hard acceleration, previously the rear end would try to swap ends on me! With the Wavetrac fitted the rear end grip and traction is incredible out of the fast corners of Goodwood and also the chicane. It’s a must have to replace the factory ///M unit”.

Dealer Contact Information: 

Regal Autosport // sales@regalautosport.com  // SO173AN, UK