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February 11, 2021 2 min read

Even 4WD vehicles can benefit hugely with a Wavetrac ATB LSD, just like Ash did with his 500HP MK7 Golf R…

First, let’s go over how the haldex system in the MK7 Golf R and 8V S3 works. It’s a semi-permanent Haldex system. It works by using a clutch to allow power to be sent to the rear axle. It can do this with up to 50% of the torque if there is a total loss of traction at the front. So, these cars are mainly front wheel drive cars with rear wheel drive assist.

These cars also have what VAG call XDS or Expanded Differential Lock or in lamens terms, an electric differential. This works by slowing down the wheel which is spinning fastest by actuating the brakes, important whilst using the factory open differential as it helps to stop the wheel which is spinning, with the least grip (and all power biased to) from spinning. This generates a lot of heat in the brake system, dramatically increasing wear and reducing the performance of the brakes, especially on the track.

Because the Wavetrac is constantly working to bias power to the wheel with the most grip (the opposite as the open diff) the XDS can be turned off, saving the cars brake capacity for braking rather than slowing wheels from uncontrollably spinning.

So what does this feel like on the road and track? Ash, Regal Autosport’s customer found out at the Nordschleife “The Wavetrac ATB LSD has made a huge difference to the front end feel of the Golf. The front end on the power is now much more pointy, feeling like the car is being pulled wherever you point the steering wheel too. The grip and traction limit is simply in another galaxy now”

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